Does Body Contouring Get Rid of Fat Permanently?

Does Body Contouring Get Rid of Fat Permanently?

Does Body Contouring Get Rid of Fat Permanently?

Does Body Contouring Get Rid of Fat Permanently?

It can be frustrating to exercise for hours, maintain a healthy diet, and not get the desired results. Most people struggle to achieve their dream body shape, especially when genes are involved. Getting rid of stubborn fat can be difficult, but it is possible. 

Body contouring treatments can help reshape the body, creating the ideal silhouette. Here is information to help you discover whether body contouring can permanently eliminate fat.  

Body Contouring Treatments 

Nonsurgical, minimally-invasive fat reduction procedures can help redefine the body contours. They help reshape different body areas, including the abdomen, thighs, love handles, back, chin, and upper arms. While there are several treatment options out on the market, the team here at Perceptions Medical Aesthetics recommends the body contouring treatment PHYSIQ.

How Body Contouring Works 

Body-sculpting techniques work by shrinking or destroying subcutaneous fat cells. Various treatments work through heating, freezing, radiofrequency energy, or ultrasound. They accurately target the cells through advanced technology. 

The fat cells accumulate under the skin and above the muscle, causing visible bulges. The body contouring techniques offer desired fat reduction results without scarring or significant downtime.

Benefits of Body Contouring Treatments 

  • The procedures are safe and minimally noninvasive

  • Body contouring can enhance the firmness and smoothness of the skin

  • The treatments do not involve general anesthesia, incisions, scars, or stitches

  • The techniques are fast and convenient, producing results within weeks

  • The versatile procedures can help treat different areas of the body

  • Treatments can help tighten loose or lax skin

  • Body contouring can improve the appearance of cellulite

  • There is minimal downtime after the treatment

  • The contouring results improve gradually over time

Is Body Contouring Permanent?

Body contouring procedures provide permanent results. When the technology targets the subcutaneous fat cells, it breaks them down and they do not come back. The body does not produce new fat cells after puberty. 

It means you will not get new fat cells replacing the ones removed. However, fat cells in other areas can expand if you gain weight. To permanently maintain body sculpting results, you must embrace a healthy lifestyle. 

How to Maintain Body Contouring Results

Multiple treatment sessions may be necessary to get the desired results. You can do things to maintain the results of your body contouring. They include:

  • Completing the recommended treatment sessions

  • Maintaining a healthy diet

  • Being active

  • Avoiding stress

  • Getting adequate sleep

It is vital to remember that body contouring is not a weight loss treatment. The techniques work for individuals with normal body mass index (BMI). The procedures permanently destroy fat cells, and the results are gradual. Any pain or discomfort from the contouring is minimal.

For more on whether body contouring gets rid of fat permanently, call Perceptions Medical Aesthetics at (910) 454-9226 to reach our Southport, North Carolina office.

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