Vascular and Epidermal Lesions

Vascular and Epidermal Lesions

Vascular and Epidermal Lesions

Vascular and Epidermal Lesions

Vascular and Epidermal Lesions

Treatment of broken capillaries & cherry angiomas can disappear immediately and hyperpigmented areas such as liver or “age spots” take only a few seconds. This can relieve pain caused by cystic acne immediately with improved healing time.

  • Cherry Angiomas

  • Sebaceous Hyperplasias

  • Fibromas

  • Broken Capillaries (Telangiectasia)

  • Milia

  • Cholesterol Bumps

  • Flat Hyperpigmentation Spots

  • Seborrheic Keratosis

  • Cystic Acne, Blemishes, and Blackheads

A small probe is used to barely touch the skin which vaporizes and dries the affected area creating very small crusts that heal and flake off in 3 to 15 days. Clients describe their pain level as a 1-3 on a scale of 1-10 and liken the sensation to a very quick stinging which dissipates quickly when the probe is lifted – the probe never pierces the skin. The results are remarkable!

Following a skin analysis, the number of lesions/irregularities are determined with treatment in 30 minute to 1 hour sessions. Prices may also be quoted per lesion.

Some irritation, redness, and crusting may form on the areas treated. You may use makeup to cover while your skin is healing. You will need to avoid direct sunlight immediately after the treatment, but otherwise, you can go about your normal activities right away. Occasionally 2 sessions may be required to completely remove a lesion.


ThermoClear offers the latest in state-of-the-art technology to bring you a solution for those stubborn skin imperfections. The innovative skin treatment system effectively tackles various skin growths and conditions, including acne, cherry angiomas, cholesterol deposits, fibromas, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, and small spider capillaries.

ThermoClear allows professionals to utilize both high radio frequency (HRF) and low radio frequency (LRF) technology, making treatment safe for most skin types. In addition, this versatile skin treatment system was designed with comfort in mind. It provides a treatment that lasts only a few seconds, making it a convenient option for anyone with a busy schedule.

Now you can achieve beautiful, clear skin during your lunch break!

How it Works

ThermoClear utilizes radio frequency technology to provide non-invasive treatment for skin imperfections and photodamage, such as age spots and sunspots. The device treats the skin epidermis, meaning it only targets the top layer of the skin and leaves the remaining layers untouched. By using this type of precision, clients can obtain excellent results!

What to Expect

A consultation with our provider will determine the proper treatment course. We will discuss your beauty goals, and our team will create a customized plan. ThermoClear boasts results after a single treatment, but multiple sessions may be required to achieve optimal results.

During the appointment, our provider will apply treatment to the target area(s). All you have to do is sit back, relax and allow ThermoClear to do all the work!

​​​​​​​Want to know the best part? There is no downtime after treatment, meaning you can resume normal day-to-day activities after you leave our office.

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