PHYSIQ™ Body Contouring

PHYSIQ™ Body Contouring

PHYSIQ™ Body Contouring

PHYSIQ™ Body Contouring

Are you thinking about bikini season? Are you wondering if that stubborn fat will ever disappear? Are you looking for quick results? If these are questions that you are dealing with, PHYSIQ™ body contouring might be for you.

You can commit to a diet routine and exercise in the gym, but sometimes your body fails to respond. This is especially true for some belly fat and fat in the thighs and arms. It can be frustrating, especially if you want to get your bikini body.

There have been several recent advancements in body sculpting technology. One groundbreaking technology is PHYSIQ. The novel technology helps with body contouring.  Unlike older therapies of freezing small areas of fat (which most people find painful and can leave the skin lumpy), Physiq uses heat at a temperature necessary to destroy fat cells.  Because it is a true laser, the energy bypasses nerve endings so the treatment is comfortable and effective.  The best part is its dual modality.  Not only does is destroy the fat cells, but it re-educates the muscles for toning, which means you don’t have to be concerned about lumpy skin afterwards and can look forward to a lean and more toned look.  In addition, the heat is dispersed so it treats a larger area than just the area where the applicator is placed.



PHYSIQ is a revolutionary technology introduced by the leading Italian laser manufacturer DEKA. It is an FDA-approved treatment that works on toning and contouring your body. It combines electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) and a diode laser at 850mm.

This combination of electromagnetism and laser technology allows for simultaneous treatment of muscles and fat. PHYSIQ body contouring renders a better patient experience and superior results.


How Does It Work?

PHYSIQ is a safe sculpting technology that is very safe and effective for all body types. It is a warm body sculpting technique that is non-invasive. It is also a safer alternative to invasive therapies like liposuction. PHYSIQ body contouring provides the patient with natural-looking results every time. How does PHYSIQ body contouring work?

PHYSIQ body contouring is the only body sculpting device that utilizes STEP technology. STEP refers to Sequential Thermal and Electrical Pulse. STEP technology alternates between deep heat and muscle stimulation in the same session. This makes it a genuine multi-modality device that tightens skin and builds muscle.

The PHYSIQ body contouring device uses four different applicators. They emit both EMS and a super-luminescent diode matrix. These two treatments re-educate the targeted areas' muscles and heat the deep tissues.


What to Expect in Treatment



To prepare for PHYSIQ body contouring treatment, you will need to shave the area to receive treatment. The provider will also clean the area thoroughly before attaching the applicators. They will then attach the applicators to the area receiving the treatment. They will secure the applicators using a PHYSIQ band.



The applicators will produce a warm feeling on your skin during the procedure. You should not be alarmed because the treatment is designed to be very comfortable. PHYSIQ’s body contouring unique patient control and energy delivery features ensure this.



After the treatment, the provider will massage the treated area with PHYSIQ body lotion. This lotion is designed to assist with the therapy. You will get an amount of the lotion to keep applying between treatments. Lotion can be used twice daily between treatments.


Benefits of PHYSIQ Body Contouring

  • It is non-invasive.

  • You can treat more than one area at a time.

  • The treatment is very comfortable compared to other therapies.

  • It treats both fat and muscle. It doesn’t just remove the fat and leave you with loose/lax skin, it helps to build tone and muscle.


Most common areas of treatment include:

  • Abs and flanks

  • Inner and outer thighs

  • Arms (biceps/triceps)

  • Buttocks (and buttocks lift)


Results of PHYSIQ Body Contouring


You can start seeing results with PHYSIQ body contouring within the first two treatments. The recommended treatments are five sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. You will have lean, tighter skin and more toned muscles. The therapy will work to accentuate your natural curves.

For more on PHYSIQ body contouring, call Perceptions Medical Aesthetic at (910) 454-9226 to reach our office in Southport, North Carolina.

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