Plasma Technology Is the Best Way to Reduce Wrinkles: Here's Why

Plasma Technology Is the Best Way to Reduce Wrinkles: Here's Why

Plasma Technology Is the Best Way to Reduce Wrinkles: Here's Why

Plasma Technology Is the Best Way to Reduce Wrinkles: Here's Why

People with facial wrinkles can benefit from plasma treatment. The latest catchword in facial treatment, plasma, is becoming increasingly popular as an effective anti-aging technology. It combines heat and light energy to improve the facial signs of aging, including wrinkles. 

Plasma treatment is FDA-approved and varies from injections, lasers, or surgical treatments. Instead of removing the top layer of the skin (epidermis), it stimulates the dermis (skin layer below the epidermis) to produce protein and collagen.

Why Is Plasma Technology the Best Way to Reduce Wrinkles?

You do not have to undergo surgery. Whenever you have an option that does not require surgery, you should always choose it. Not only is plasma technology nonsurgical, but it also does not use chemicals, which is a plus for your skin. These two benefits already place plasma technology among the safest cosmetic treatments.

Other Benefits Include:

Quick and Lasting Results

Most people will notice their skin becoming firmer immediately after the treatment. But since your skin is recovering from the inside out, you will continue to notice changes for a few weeks. You can expect full results after eight to 12 weeks, and your skin will keep improving over the next few months. Generally, results from plasma treatment last around three years.

Effective and Fail-safe

Plasma treatment improves your wrinkles permanently. Plasma technology permanently tightens wrinkles and loose skin. But as your skin responds to aging, lifestyle, and environmental influences, you will need touch-up treatments in the future. That will help maintain the results longer.

Pain-free Treatment

Plasma treatment is a non-invasive procedure, meaning it is pain-free. However, most estheticians apply a numbing cream to the treatment area. The cream reduces any slight discomfort you may experience during the procedure.

Reduced Recovery Time Than Surgery

Surgeries require weeks of downtime. Studies on plasma procedures show the treatment requires less recovery time. You may not look the finest during the first three to seven days after treatment because of the swelling on the treated area. But the inflammation goes away as your skin continues to heal. But it should not last more than seven days.

Minimal Risks 

Because there are no cuts or incisions, sutures, or general anesthesia, the risks from plasma treatment are minimal. In addition, a proper examination during your first visit before starting treatment reduces your risk of complications.

What Are the Risks?

The risks associated with plasma treatment include:

  • Mild inflammation on the treated skin.

  • Soreness or redness.

  • Hyperpigmentation or spots.

  • Skin flaking and crusting.

  • Sensitivity to sunlight.

  • Allergic reactions to the numbing cream.

Also, the recovery process can take longer for some patients. 

How Can You Speed Up Healing After Plasma Treatment?

You can accelerate healing by:

  • Applying a cold compress for about 10 minutes until the swelling eases. 

  • Apply ointments prescribed by your doctor to the treated skin. The balms will help prevent your skin from drying and peeling more.

  • Not covering the treated skin with dressings, such as plastic. Such dressings can stop blood from circulating in the treated area.

  • Not using cosmetics or makeup on or around the treated skin until the skin heals.

To learn more about plasma technology and reducing wrinkles, visit Perceptions Medical Aesthetics at our Southport, North Carolina office. Call (910) 454-9226 to schedule an appointment today.

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