Subnovii Advanced Plasma Treatment

Subnovii Advanced Plasma Treatment

Subnovii Advanced Plasma Treatment

Subnovii Advanced Plasma Treatment

Introducing Subnovii – a non-invasive treatment that delivers surgical like results.


Introducing Subnovii Plasma Treatment


The recent introduction of plasma technology to the aesthetic market has been creating a buzz. With variations of devices on the market, Perceptions Medical Aesthetic took time to research the treatment extensively. This is especially true for evaluating the effectiveness of the device in delivering the treatment. 


Perceptions Medical Aesthetics' priority is the safety of our patients, in tandem with the best in class outcomes. Perceptions Medical Aesthetic is well-pleased to offer Subnovii, an advanced plasma technology employing LF+ Technology unlike any conventional devices, and the only FDA Cleared Plasma Device currently on the market.


What Does Subnovii Do?


So how does Subnovii Plasma treatment work?


Subnovii takes advantage of the fine layer of the plasma or ionized gas present along your skin’s surface. The Subnovii plasma devices emit energy, instantly sublimating a precise spot on the treatment area. This creates a closed wound where the treatment can be successfully delivered to the tissue underneath.


This helps in stimulating the fibroblast activity. It stimulates elastin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. The process is non-invasive as the tip of the plasma device never touches your skin. It utilizes the power of molecular physics to deliver this innovative treatment.


What to Expect After a Subnovii Treatment


The Subnovii plasma device creates an instant wound on your skin. As a result, small scabs will form and take approximately five days to fall off. Scabs are a protective and natural barrier to the process taking place below.


There is a significantly low risk of side effects because the treatment area is immediately sealed. However, your skin may feel itchy and tight as the area heals. The skin beneath may have a short term pinkish appearance once the scabs fall off.


Subnovii Advanced Plasma Treatment FAQ


What Areas Can Subnovii Treat?


Subnovii can treat a wide range of areas, but primarily for more focused areas of deeper lines or lifting.  Popular areas include:


  • Lower and upper eyelid lifts

  • Lip lift

  • Forehead and frown lines

  • Jawline lower face lines (cheeks)

  • Neck area

  • Crow’s feet

  • Smoker’s or perioral lines

  • Tightening and deeper wrinkle removal


The treatment can target precise areas of your body that need treatment. For best results, providers can combine it with other aesthetic treatments.


How Long Will the Subnovii Treatment Take?


Treatment time varies depending on the treatment area. While some patients require treatment just for the eye area, others want more. They may opt to treat their whole face and neck. Consult an expert before the treatment to ensure you are a good candidate.


When Will I See the Results?


The results are often noticeable immediately after the procedure. As an in-office procedure, you will start seeing the results when you leave your providers office, with optimal results seen 3 months post treatment.


Are There Any Post-care Requirements?


Yes. Patients will receive post-care instructions and products. These are normally customized to each patient’s needs. Post-treatment care aims to keep the area dry and enhance the healing process. Sun protection is also essential even after you heal.


If you are looking for an alternative to surgery for hooded lids (and other areas of deep wrinkles and lifting),  trust your eyes to the experts at Perceptions Medical Aesthetics.

For more on Subnovii Advanced Plasma treatment, call Perceptions Medical Aesthetic at  (910) 454-9226 to reach is in Southport, North Carolina. 

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